Grasp Multiple Objects with One Hand

The intricate kinematics of the human hand enable simultaneous grasping and manipulation of multiple objects, essential for tasks such as object transfer and in-hand manipulation. Despite its significance, the domain of robotic multi-object grasping is relatively unexplored and presents notable challenges in kinematics, dynamics, and object configurations. This paper introduces MultiGrasp, a novel two-stage approach for multi object grasping using a dexterous multi-fingered robotic hand on a tabletop. The process consists of (i) generating pre-grasp proposals and (ii) executing the grasp and lifting the objects. Our experimental focus is primarily on dual-object grasping, achieving a success rate of 44.13%, highlighting adaptability to new object configurations and tolerance for imprecise grasps. Additionally, the framework demonstrates the potential for grasping more than two objects at the cost of inference speed.
Yuyang Li, Bo Liu, Yiran Geng, Puhao Li, Yaodong Yang, Yixin Zhu, Tengyu Liu, Siyuan Huang
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