Few-Shot Physically-Aware Articulated Mesh Generation via Hierarchical Deformation

We study the problem of few-shot physically-aware articulated mesh generation. By observing an articulated object dataset containing only a few examples, we wish to learn a model that can generate diverse meshes with high visual fidelity and physical validity. Previous mesh generative models either have difficulties in depicting a diverse data space from only a few examples or fail to ensure physical validity of their samples. Regarding the above challenges, we propose two key innovations, including 1) a hierarchical mesh deformation-based generative model based upon the divide-and-conquer philosophy to alleviate the few-shot challenge by borrowing transferrable deformation patterns from large scale rigid meshes and 2) a physics-aware deformation correction scheme to encourage physically plausible generations. We conduct extensive experiments on 6 articulated categories to demonstrate the superiority of our method in generating articulated meshes with better diversity, higher visual fidelity, and better physical validity over previous methods in the few-shot setting. Further, we validate solid contributions of our two innovations in the ablation study.
Xueyi Liu, Bin Wang, He Wang, Li Yi
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