VSTAR: A Video-grounded Dialogue Dataset for Situated Semantic Understanding with Scene and Topic Transitions

Video-grounded dialogue understanding is a challenging problem that requires machine to perceive, parse and reason over situated semantics extracted from weakly aligned video and dialogues. Most existing benchmarks treat both modalities the same as a frame-independent visual understanding task, while neglecting the intrinsic attributes in multimodal dialogues, such as scene and topic transitions. In this paper, we present Video-grounded Scene&Topic AwaRe dialogue (VSTAR) dataset, a large scale video-grounded dialogue understanding dataset based on 395 TV series. Based on VSTAR, we propose two benchmarks for video-grounded dialogue understanding: scene segmentation and topic segmentation, and one benchmark for video-grounded dialogue generation. Comprehensive experiments are performed on these benchmarks to demonstrate the importance of multimodal information and segments in video-grounded dialogue understanding and generation.
Yuxuan Wang, Zilong Zheng, Xueliang Zhao, Jinpeng Li, Yueqian Wang, Dongyan Zhao
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