Single-view 3D Scene Reconstruction with High-fidelity Shape and Texture

Reconstructing detailed 3D scenes from single-view images remains a challenging task due to limitations in existing approaches, which primarily focus on geometric shape recovery, overlooking object appearances and fine shape details. To address these challenges, we propose a novel framework for simultaneous high-fidelity recovery of object shapes and textures from single-view images. Our approach utilizes the proposed Single-view neural implicit Shape and Radiance field (SSR) representations to lever age both explicit 3D shape supervision and volume rendering of color, depth, and surface normal images. To overcome shape-appearance ambiguity under partial observations, we introduce a two-stage learning curriculum incorporating both 3D and 2D supervisions. A distinctive feature of our framework is its ability to generate fine-grained textured meshes by seamlessly integrating rendering capabilities into the single-view 3D reconstruction model. This integration enables not only improved textured 3D object reconstruction by 27.7% and 11.6% on the 3D-FRONT and Pix3D datasets, respectively, but also supports the rendering of images from novel viewpoints. Beyond individual objects, our approach facilitates composing object-level representations into flexible scene representations, thereby enabling applications such as holistic scene understanding and 3D scene editing. We conduct extensive experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.
Yixin Chen, Junfeng Ni, Nan Jiang, Yaowei Zhang, Yixin Zhu, Siyuan Huang
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3D Vision
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