Camera Keyframing with Style and Control

We present a novel technique that enables 3D artists to synthesize camera motions in virtual environments following a camera style, while enforcing user-designed camera keyframes as constraints along the sequence. To solve this constrained motion in-betweening problem, we design and train a camera motion generator from a collection of temporal cinematic features (camera and actor motions) using a conditioning on target keyframes. We further condition the generator with a style code to control how to perform the interpolation between the keyframes. Style codes are generated by training a second network that encodes different camera behaviors in a compact latent space, the camera style space. Camera behaviors are defined as temporal correlations between actor features and camera motions and can be extracted from real or synthetic film clips. We further extend the system by incorporating a fine control of camera speed and direction via a hidden state mapping technique. We evaluate our method on two aspects: i) the capacity to synthesize style-aware camera trajectories with user defined keyframes; and ii) the capacity to ensure that in-between motions still comply with the reference camera style while satisfying the keyframe constraints. As a result, our system is the first style-aware keyframe in-betweening technique for camera control that balances style-driven automation with precise and interactive control of keyframes.
Hongda Jiang, Marc Christie, Xi Wang, Libin Liu, Bin Wang, Baoquan Chen
Publication Year
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ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
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